Wishful Thinking (part 1)

My dad kept asking me, “What’s your vision?”  I found that it was hard to articulate my answer in specifics.  I mean, I had an idea of what it looked like.  But that was it – an idea, a feeling, a daydream, or in other words “wishful thinking”.

Over the past few months he kept pushing me to write it down and articulate it.  I tried but it never turned out exactly how I wanted.  One day something clicked and the floodgates opened…

My California house has a bright red front door.  It is well-lit with beautiful natural light.  The house is clean because I have a weekly house cleaner.  The inside of the house is colorful with gorgeous southwest colors on the wall:  tandoori red, olive, lime, plum and mustard with splashes of turquoise everywhere.  The house is fresh and organized.  There are beautiful hardwood floors, with mediterranean mosaic and Mexican style tile work throughout.

There is a separate barn studio that has a private classroom and gallery showroom.  Again, the barn has perfect natural light with very large windows and skylights.  The office space is in the loft of the barn.  It is comfortable and extraordinarily organized.  This upstairs office space is minimal and streamlined for success.  I have a comfy love seat where a student or client can sit while me or my assistant can sign them up for classes, sell them art and ring up their credit card.

My website is cutting edge with current, amazingly breathtaking artworks.  It has a seamless online shopping cart where people can easily purchase art or register for workshops and SOMEONE ELSE MANAGES THE WHOLE THING FOR ME!

The studio/classroom space can accommodate 8 students.  The electricity never blows because the house and barn are on solar power.  By the way, we pay zero in electricity.  The studio/classroom is spacious and totally organized.  The electricity is professionally installed.  Extension cords come down from the ceiling, there is excellent cross air ventilation, the windows even have lovely shades to block the sun when it gets toasty in the summer.

Attached to the studio is an outdoor gathering area for taking breaks, dining and getting fresh air.  There are overhead pergola-style trellises that provide natural shade.  Students/clients can sit at a long reclaimed wood barn table to have their lunches.  It will be aromatically amazing outside because there will be all sorts of lovely flowers like honeysuckle, lemon verbena and jasmine.  The inside of the studio smells equally bee-autiful because of the beeswax.  When I, my students and my clients walk into my studio/classroom/gallery they feel at ease, at home, ready to create and ready to spend money.

I am an independently employed professional artist, visionary, teacher and inspiration.  I am independently wealthy I live with total financial freedom and serenity.

Everyday I work towards making my dream a reality and this blog post is another step closer.  I wanted to share my vision because when we write down our dreams and put them out into the world they go beyond “wishful thinking”.  By putting pen to paper we focus our energy and something special happens:  ever so slightly life begins to shift and our dream becomes intention.

So what happens?  I will cover some of the following steps in my next blog post “Living the Dream part 2” so stay tuned!   In the meantime I encourage you to write down your dream and at this point “wishful thinking” is ok – think big, reach for the moon, but more importantly: be specific, be articulate, and have clarity.

See you next time!

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  1. Wow, your home sounds amazing! You must have lots of inspiration around you! I admire your determination to live your life dream! I hope to do the same. 🙂

    1. Hi Anne! You can TOTALLY do the same – what’s your vision? Get it clear. Write it down. Share it. Make it happen. You go girl – miss seeing you at the store 🙂

  2. This is a great vision Jaya!

    Keep in mind that the Universe NEVER says no to us. We live in an abundant Universe. So, whatever thoughts that we hold, coupled with the feeling and emotions that we surround those thoughts with means that this is what we receive. Remember when I said to you, “The better it gets, the better it gets. The worse it gets, the worse it gets.” Good/High thoughts with high feelings of joy, happiness and gratitude brings your vision into fruition in the here and now. Your job is the what, the Universe figures out the how.

    I came across the following on worthiness. KNOW that you are worthy of your vision. Don’t just believe it. KNOW IT!

    “Taking the next step toward a goal is much more than physical action. With every step we take, we’re affirming that our goal is worthwhile and we’re worthy of having
    it. Our feelings of personal self-worth are a setup for success. The vibration of worthiness opens wide the expansiveness of the universe, creating gateways to achievements we never thought possible. Because the nature of God is to give of itself, we live in an atmosphere of plenty – plenty of whatever it is that we’re seeking. If our dreams aren’t manifesting, perhaps an old limitation belief has restricted them. Limitations are stories that we make up in our minds. When we’re invested in our limitations they become true for us, which reinforces our belief in them and sidelines the realization of our goals.

    Listening to our inner wisdom, we’re gently reminded that we can quit telling that story of limitation. We are worthy and deserving of every happiness! We live in a universe fully supplied to bring it to us.

    It takes practice to stand for our worthiness in each situation – curtailing habitual complaining and putting ourselves down by instead looking at our positive qualities. Finding the courage to challenge a limitation means taking action to prove that it’s false. One tiny step at a time, we move toward our goal to discover the truth that was there all along, that our goal is worthwhile and we’re worthy of having it. ”



  3. Hi Jaya,

    You’re right: You *do* write a kick-@@s blog. Very high-energy & inspiring. Your vision is complete enough that a person can walk through it with you by following the narrative & see it in full 3D, 360deg. I’m looking forward to part 2.

    Thanks again for a positive and inspiring workshop yesterday, 5/15. Perry

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