“Acrylic ABC’s” 8-week Acrylic Class at the Triton

colorAcrylic ABC’s is an engaging 8-week course designed to introduce students to the basics of acrylic painting. This is a novice – beginner level class which focuses on essential acrylic groundwork. Brush strokes and line, glazing techniques, proper paint application and basic color theory will be practiced through simple exercises. Students will also gain knowledge about specific acrylic tools and brushes as well as palette layout. Each class will begin with a technique demonstration then students will have time to practice the exercise. Individual attention will be given to each student to help develop their skills and buildup confidence.

6:30 – 8:30pm
$150 Triton Museum of Art members, $170 General
Drop-in fee: $20/session
Drop-in’s are always welcome.  
Register online through the Triton or call the Triton at (408) 247-3754

Acrylic ABC’s Course Description

Acrylic ABC’s Materials List

Acrylic Class at the Triton Museum of Art

It’s back (with a twist)!

The focus of this 8 week class will be composition, color relationships and mixing using a limited palette. These painting elements will be practiced in exercises using primarily abstract and landscape as the subject matter.  Students will learn glazing techniques, brush basics and how to create texture using acrylic mediums. For most of the classes, we will be working on one painting, however some paintings may extend over two classes depending on the exercise.  This class is designed for beginner to intermediate levels of experience.  It would also be a good refresher class for people who have worked with acrylic in the past and want to get back into it.  I encourage all students to sign up for the entire course to receive the most information and have more in-class practice time.  Students do not need to have any prior drawing skills to attend this class.

September 16th – November 4th (8 Tuesday evenings)
6:30 – 9:00pm
$150 Triton Museum of Art members, $170 General
Drop in fee: $25/session
Drop-in’s are always welcome – If a student has previous acrylic painting experience they will be able to follow along more easily, whereas a beginner may need to catch up faster.  Also be aware that some projects span over 2 weeks.
Register online through the Triton or call the Triton at (408) 247-3754