“Wax Works West Encaustic Scholarship Program” (WWW.ESP)


Wax Works West Encaustic Scholarship Program
5-Day Summer Student Intensive

For the exceptionally inspired Christian Brother’s High School teen.

July 11 – 15
Max 8 students (We’ve reached our max)

This is  private scholarship program established from the overwhelming student interest at Christian Brother’s High School.  After demonstrating my encaustic technique for the AP class I was blown away by the response from the students.  When the art teacher spoke with me a couple days later and told me that the students were actually setting up their own encaustic starter studios I knew something had to be done…

Wendy, Judy and I began talking about the experience at CBHS and the idea just snowballed.  We see the WWW.ESP as an opportunity to impact the lives of not only the participants of this program, but of the world.  These students, you,  are the future, the new wave, the next gen.  By passing our knowledge of encaustic to you, you carry the torch forward.

Welcome to WWW.ESP!

Spend 5 days with artist Jaya King and her encaustic fairy Godmothers, artists Wendy Aikin and Judy Stabile at their state-of-the-art encaustic facility: Wax Works West. We are calling this the “Wax Works West Encaustic Scholarship Program” (WWW.ESP) because Wendy, Judy and Jaya are donating their time, materials and use of facilities at no-charge. This program grew out of the CBHS student interest for the encaustic medium and we are thrilled to spread this knowledge to our future generation. This is a life-changing opportunity!

Over the course of the 5 days students will have a chance to produce multiple artworks and experiment with a wide range of techniques and materials. Lecture/demo’s will be given throughout the week along with individualized one-on-one instruction. We will have multiple group discussions regarding your art, where you see it going, and what it will take to get there.

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Here are just a few topics that will be covered:

  • History of encaustic
  • Safety: We address ventilation, correct working temperatures, and the proper use of equipment.
  • Materials: We explain the composition of encaustic paint, appropriate supports and grounds, palette and studio set up.
  • Beginning an encaustic painting: How to size a panel, the many different ways to apply paint, fusing options, teach you all about brushes.
  • Color and color mixing
  • Specialty tools and techniques: the hot stylus pen
  • Encaustic collage
  • Encaustic mono-printing


We think it is important to see encaustic artists in action so we’ve arranged studio and gallery visits with seriously masterful encaustic artists.

Explore the surrounding area! We’ve planned a couple half-day work periods to give students the opportunity to play: Santa Cruz, the redwoods, Monterey and the aquarium are just a few local extra curricular activities that you can organize.


Lodging, transportation and food are not included. This area is a summer vacation destination so the sooner lodging can be arranged the better the rate!

Don’t worry – WE HAVE A CHAPARONE! A CBHS parent will be accompanying the group as the parent.  Parental supervision is required outside the studio and during field trips (studio and gallery visits).

Any additional parents that would like to volunteer their time would be greatly appreciated!


We require a release of liability signed by all students and parent/guardians before the students walk into the studio.

Download 2-page  Wax Works West minors release