“Big Sky: Sunrise” Acrylic Workshop

Something special happens at the break of day…

Big Sky_Sunrise_small

Dawn is a magical time and has been captured on canvas throughout the centuries. Perhaps it is the fleeting perspective of grandeur that is so inspiring? No matter the inspiration, the sunlit sky would not be the same without clouds. These are the personality of any landscape and are glorious to paint, especially when lit from the rising sun peeking out from the horizon.

This acrylic workshop will focus on creating visual depth in a simple “sky-scape” (pictured above).  By using a limited color palette of only 4 colors we will build transparent and opaque layers to capture a beautifully expressive sunrise. Step-by-step lecture/demo’s will be given throughout the day on glazing, layering, brushwork, and color-mixing techniques. This workshop will strengthen your color confidence and offers you the opportunity to “seize the day!”

There will be a 45-minute meal break mid-workshop.

Materials not included. Big Sky-Sunrise materials list

All registration is done through University Art in Redwood City (650)328-3500
Give them a call to reserve your spot as seating is limited!
Mailing your check made payable to Jaya King finalizes your registration (mail or drop off your payment to University Art RWC).