2nd Annual “Let Your Brilliance Shine” Women’s Luncheon

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Speaking Panelist

Creativity & Fear:  An Artist’s Perspective

Come join me and a full panel of inspirational speakers at the 2nd Annual Women’s Transformation Networking Luncheon “Let Your Brilliance Shine”!  
My topic of Creativity & Fear is out of this world and I’m excited to share my insight from an artist’s perspective.

Where does emotional pain come from? FEAR: fear of loss, fear of messing up, fear of being alone, the list goes on…One way to look fear in the face is to get out of our comfort zone and create.  A LOT of emotions come up during the creative process and my discussion will shed the light on how to pinpoint where fear starts to creep in and especially WHY.  I will take the conversation a little further and offer an opportunity of how to breakthrough fear through art and creativity.

Some topics I will cover:

  • What exactly is the creative process?
  • Why do I get stuck after I get inspired?
  • What is a “Comfort Zone”?
  • What does fear look, sound and feel like?

Some key points you will walk away with after hearing me speak:

  • What your fear looks like and the role it plays in your life
  • A new way to look at your own personal creative process

To be brilliant, amazing, life-changing, a global influence, authentic, and at the top of our game we have to act in the face of fear.  Inaction holds us prisoner and keeps us stagnant.  My discussion is a game-changer because it shines a spotlight on the Brilliance “ball-and-chain”: FEAR.  To reach our full potential we have to BE CREATIVE.  Art and the creative process is a direct link to understanding and ultimately surpassing our fear in order to “Let Your Brilliance Shine!”

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Catered lunch and dessert included

Early Bird Special for first 100 women: $35

General registration fee: $45