“Simple Atmospheric Techniques that Build Drama” Acrylic Demo

What is a landscape without a sky?

atmospheric demo

Let’s face it.  Skies can make or break a landscape painting.  There are so many different moods to the sky above. Even though mega-dynamic billowing clouds have the allure of grandeur, it is equally important to be able to capture the subtlety of light through a veil of mist or fog.  In order to paint the atmosphere of the landscape it is important to understand the foundational techniques.

This acrylic demo will spotlight:

  • how to build up body in clouds
  • glazing and layering techniques to create mist
  • color-mixing walk-through using a limited color palette

This free demonstration will shed light on the nuances of how to create the atmosphere you are looking for in your landscape.  You will leave with a better understanding of how to begin a painting and fine-tune it with these foundational techniques.  Put these techniques into practice and paint with ease!

Interested in taking this demo to the next step?  Check out the workshop!