“Mini Encaustic Mono-prints on Paper” Encaustic workshop (Mar 2018)

What could be more fun than spending a day printing mini encaustic mono-prints?!

And by “mini” I mean “MINI!” We will be printing delightful little masterpieces no larger than 5″ x 7″!  Other size formats include: 5″ x 5″ / 4″ x 6″ / 2″ x 2″ / and oh yes… 1″ x 2″ (seriously?!)

Learn basic encaustic mono-printing techniques to create small and powerful artworks.  Students will learn how to safely set up an encaustic mono-printing workstation as well as how to use specialty materials such as barens, squeegees and rubber tools.  We will use a mix of professional R&F encaustic paint as well as Enkaustikos Hot Sticks (AWESOME with printing).  Printmaking papers and specialty papers will also be discussed..  As an additional bonus students will also have the opportunity to experiment with a small variety of inks for added effect including Sumi ink, India ink and a little something special 😉  All students will have access to their own heated palette.

Working on an extremely small-scale allows you to see your creative process and artwork from a different point of view.

Encaustic mono-printing is a wonderful way to loosen up and think outside the box. Take this opportunity to fall in love with this HOT printing process and create a beautiful assortment mini encaustic artworks!

Oh yes…all materials are included!
(If you use all of the included papers you have permission to bring or purchase extra.  The paper we will be using in class is called “Rives BFK Lightweight” and is available for purchase at University Art)



So what is included in the workshop?

  • R&F Encaustic Paint & Enkaustikos Hot Sticks:  I have a rainbow array of colors that you can use.  This includes metallics.
  • R&F Encaustic Medium:  I’ve got the medium melted and ready to go!
  • Tools:  Brushes, barens, rubber tools, scissors, squeegees, etc….
  • Printmaking Paper:  Students will receive a kit of various printmaking papers to use in class (If you use all of the included papers you have permission to bring or purchase extra)
  • Professional Heated Palette:  All students will have access to their own heated palette and will be able to pull full-sized prints (22″ x 30″) on the second day using a larger-than-life professional encaustic palette.
  • Safe working environment:  Limited seating offers you elbow room to spread out.  You get a whole table to yourself!  Galvanized sheet metal at each table provides a safe work space.  And oh yes, the classroom is ventilated!

All of the art materials are included in this workshop.  Here is a small list of things you should bring as well:

  • Bottled water, snacks and lunch (It is very important to hydrate yourself with encaustic)
    • I ask students to please eat outside of the classroom to get some fresh air. Drinks are fine inside the classroom.  There is a Starbucks across the street and restaurants within walking distance from the store.
  • Notebook & pencil for taking notes
  • Appropriate attire: jeans or long pants, no flip flops, long hair tied back in ponytail, avoid loose-fitting “flowy” clothes


Please submit the above form as the classes fill up fast  and are limited to 4 students.  PayPal is accepted / credit cards are easily accepted through “Square” (preferred) and will finalize your registration!  Encaustic class cancellations must be made 2 weeks prior to the workshop.  All PayPal refunds will be redeposited into your PayPal account.  Refunded money may take up to 7 business days to appear in your bank account depending on payment method and bank processing.  If you’ve registered for the workshop and don’t show up (have not cancelled within 2 weeks) your payment will be retained.  

Where to park?  Check out these Midtown Sacramento parking tips to help you have an awesome workshop experience!