“Hot Mess to Success: Unlocking the Encaustic Abstract” 3-day Encaustic Workshop (February)

A River Runs Through It

Cactus Flower LakeAahhhh abstract art…Easy, huh?

If you cringe a little on the inside when you hear this, then you hold the key to unlocking the abstract. Similar to a foreign language, abstract art can be elusive, beautiful, inspiring, or possibly jarring, frustrating and confusing. Would you like to learn French or just walk around speaking in a French accent? Abstracts and encaustic are a natural pairing, however these paintings can easily be overworked and then the question arrises, “When do you know where to stop?” This 3-day encaustic workshop will

illuminate the importance of core elements that tie abstract art together. We will will focus on composition, color palette, focal point, movement, and above all simplicity. In addition to the technical elements of abstract encaustic painting we will also explore the intuitive aspect of the abstract process. We will examine a selection of abstract art and discuss what makes them successful, confusing, stagnant, or engaging. During the first half of the workshop we will create sample boards using various techniques to practice the core elements. The second half of the workshop will be used to complete a larger final encaustic piece.

Abstracts can simply be an exercise to loosen up. However embracing the art of abstract is a lifelong journey and a way “lose oneself” in the painting process. No matter what, encaustic abstracts are an adventure down the rabbit hole. If you don’t have a flashlight it can get pretty hairy…

  • All materials are included.
  • Prior encaustic experience is necessary to attend this workshop.
  • All registration is done through Wax Works West (This February workshop is full but don’t worry!  This class is repeated in August)
  • If you are looking for accommodations click here

    A little about Wax Works West

paletteThis workshop will be held at Wax Works West, a magical state-of-the-art encaustic facility. It is more inspiring than you can ever imagine. Everywhere you turn there is art, art, and more art. When I first walked into the workspace my eyes opened to what was possible in an encaustic studio. The infamous sisters of Wax Works West, Judy Stabile and Wendy Aikin, generously open their doors to teach a variety of sought after encaustic classes. The professional facilities and diverse backgrounds of the guest instructors allow individuals to explore, express, and excel. Located in beautiful Corralitos, on the Central Coast of California, Wax Works West provides students with a foundation upon which they can safely experiment, while pushing the boundaries of their artwork.