So It Begins…

Let me give you a little background: Giles Parish (sorry, I am so used to calling him “Mr. Parish”) has been coming into University Art Center, the art store where I work, for years. At the counter I greet him, “Hi Mr. Parish!” and I know exactly what he’s looking for: five 30″ x 40″ canvases OUT of the box. It is staggering to think of how many canvases he goes through a week, shlepps to the farmer’s market and then sells out! At the art store we enjoy seeing Mr. Parish walk through those familiar doors and we automatically go to grab him his canvases. We invited him to hang some of his works on our walls and it was a breath of fresh air – his art is vibrant, his subjects simple in their countenance yet wild in color. A local art enthusiast began to work with Mr. Parish and brought in the piece you see on the left. It was smaller than his usual fare, in this case a microscopic 16″ x 20″. By far this was my favorite piece. I looked at my best friend (we work together) and said, “This would be uh-MAZing in encaustic!”
The rest is history…

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  1. Beautiful story Giles was married to my Aunt LaNell she was wonderful we had so much fun in the city when she lived their !! She is married Giles . I miss them so much ?? thank you for this story it was so interesting to learn more about my uncle Giles . ?

  2. I was Giles Parish pastor, where he and his wife that he adored greatly, after her death he was put in assisted living in Campbell Ca. I was honored to speak at his wife’s funeral. Visiting him was quite a treat, he was often painting, that obviously was his passion. He gave my wife both nature scenes he painted, along with the ladies he painted.

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