Murals & Public Art


“See Me. I Am Love” Community Mural

3414 4th Ave, Sacramento
140 feet long x 6 feet high
MTN 94 / Double A / Kobra Spray & Valspar House Paint

This mural was commissioned by Wellspring Woman’s Center with the goal of involving Wellspring’s guests in the creative process. Based on these conversations, the mural design embodies how Wellspring makes a difference in women’s lives through semi-abstract and colorful imagery.   

This mural spans 2 walls and is accented with a smaller butterfly mural on an auxiliary wall intended for Instagram engagement.


“Take the Leap” Community Mural

3901 Little Rock Dr, Antelope
324 Sq Ft
MTN 94 / Double A / Kobra Spray & Valspar House Paint

This community mural was commissioned by North Country Elementary School with the emphasis on paint day youth participation. My design goal was something fun, colorful, and dynamic. A family of frogs lives next to the playground and they are a constant source of excitement for the kids so the animal choice was a no-brainer. 100 kids K – 6th as well as school staff assisted with the first layer on paint day.

Most frequent question: “Is it done yet?”


“Level Up” Commercial Mural

128 K St, Sacramento
850 Sq Ft
MTN 94 Spray & Behr / Valspar House Paint

This arcade room mural was commissioned by Cerealism Cafe and the goal was to make the most “Instagrammable” space in Sacramento. The room itself is Super Mario themed and will house multiple flat screen TV’s for guests to play vintage video games in an immersive environment.

This mural is accented with various 3D elements to complete the space including oversize Super Mario coins, coin boxes, rope vines, foliage baseboards, and of course, pipes.


“Goldfinch” Commercial Mural

1500 N St, Sacramento
9 feet long x 10 feet high
MTN 94 Spray & Novacolor Acrylic

This mural was commissioned by CADA and the parameter was “colorful.” I knew I wanted to paint a Goldfinch as this bird did not make it into my Freeport mural composition earlier in the year.

This mural is accented with a secondary mural on an auxiliary structure.


“Rooted, Growing, Reaching” Community Mural

23rd & Anita, Sacramento
12 feet long by 8 feet high
Novacolor Acrylic & Behr House Paint

Table Farm is a community food hub and living sanctuary in Hollywood Park, Sacramento. I worked with a fabulous youth group to design and paint a mural on their garden shed inspired by Table Farm’s mission of “Rooted, Growing, Reaching.”


“Hollywood Habitat” Community Mural

4611 Freeport Blvd, Sacramento
98 feet long by 22 feet high and 12 feet high
Novacolor Acrylic

Community murals are distinguished from other mural types because they include community collaboration and input in all phases of the project. The concept of this mural is based on conversations and feedback from members of the Hollywood Park community.  It depicts plants, birds, butterflies, and bees chosen specifically to represent both personal connection to the neighborhood and mixed local cultures.

This mural is accented with a secondary mural on an auxiliary structure.


“SuperStarr” Public Art Box

9th & Capitol, Sacramento
Vinyl Wrap (original mixed media on birch panel)

When I learned my box would be in front of the state capitol I knew I wanted to insert some strong California-Girl-Power into the district.  The image of my childhood best friend would add the perfect energy. The original painting is mixed media on a four-foot by six-foot wood panel.  I superimposed California poppies around the box as a nod to the state capitol.  To me, having a powerful young, female presence in front of the capitol brings fresh energy to the political landscape. 


“Guild Goddess” Festival Mural

Oak Park, Sacramento
80 feet long by 30 feet high
MTN Hardcore Spray & Behr House Paint

Oak Park is the oldest suburban community in Sacramento.  It is historically marginalized and now experiencing gentrification. The image I painted on the historic Oak Park Guild Theatre is designed to reflect its powerful spirit and perseverance.


“Sea Turtles” Residential Mural

Morgan Hill, California
GOLDEN Acrylic & Behr House Paint

A private mural commission of a colorful underwater scene featuring sea turtles.


“Campbell Pups” Public Art Box

901 Campisi Way, Campbell, CA
GOLDEN Acrylic

A whimsical art box featuring dogs and a fanciful orchard tree (including oranges, apples, and dog bones). The city of Campell is known for being dog-friendly and established on orchard land.