Current work and the journey along the way…

Fly Me To The MoonEncaustic:  My career over the past 10 years has led me to the medium of encaustic.  This medium has opened my eyes and cranked up the heat behind my artistic direction.  I see beyond creating a new body of work, but further into the possibilities of how encaustic can change the world.


Big Sky: Sunrise

Acrylic Skyscapes and Trees:  For me, teaching naturally pairs with painting.  I’ve developed a series of acrylic classes emphasizing the limited color palette.  This body of work has been generated specifically for these workshops. 


napoleon_tAcrylic Animals:  I am the first to admit that the inspiration behind this body of work was when we adopted chickens.  Life became a little less-serious and I began to explore my more colorful side.  



The Hitchhiker

Gouache:  Gouache was the launching point for me.  By painting on weathered scrap lumber the portraits gain a unique “sculptural” quality.  These paintings brought out the narrative in my work which is still rooted in my pieces today.  


Salsa Verde

Ink Figures Studies:  These paintings came about as a way of “loosening up” in an open drawing session.  I wanted to stretch myself with a medium I hadn’t used before while studying the human figure.